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This was literally the best video ever

I have never been a fan of Sam Pepper. I didnt mind him. I saw a few of his videos and just thought he was a normal YouTuber but I never was a ‘fan’ of his. Today I was scrolling through tumblr and saw many posts about him from youtubers on twitter. So I went on twitter which led me to his YouTube video. Can I just say, the anger I have for this video is beyond belief, these are innocent women who were minding their own business just walking down the street, until a random man that they dot even know just came and asked them for directions which is totally fine until he touched their butt which sounds like something a 5 year old would do (AKA Sam Pepper) seeing some of the comments (i.e. “It was just a prank” or “calm down, have a sense of humor”) those kinds of comments scare me, being a girl (yes, under 18) it scares me growing up in a world like this. Where any man could just go up and sexually harass me is one of the craziest thoughts. I have a new found respect for mothers (with daughters) because just think about what a scary thought it is to think that your baby girl could be touched by a man in inappropriate spots just for the pleasure of entertaining his ‘audience’ (I’m also mad that Sam and Nash Grier have more subscribers then AmazingPhil because that just makes no sense whatsoever) but anyways I hate Sam Pepper, for fair reasons. And if you think, after reading this post and looking at the tag on any social medias ‘Sam pepper’ that he still didn’t do anything and it was still a joke then you are insane and you should just leave the internet.

sampepper thank you for making me feel unsafe growing up in America because of pricks like you.

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tyleroakley you’ve inspired me so much in life, congrats on 7 years. That’s so crazy. I remember 3 years ago I clicked on one of your videos, and since then you’ve been a huge part of my life… I am proud to say I am one of you 5,000,000 fans, happy 7 year YouTube-versary

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new gaming video! our first HEAD TO HEAD BATTLE in Mortal Kombat Trilogy. contains strong violence ..and possibly language (sorry).

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